14 January 2014

Let them sleep.

In May my sister is getting married. Of course she is over the moon, and so is the rest of the family. However, as most of you will know, there is a lot of stress involved as well. Being sisters you have to look out for each other and that's why I made her this eye mask. 
I hope she'll  put it to good use. That she will take a few extra hours of sleep and will have beautiful dreams about her big day. Beside the inevitable hours of worrying if everything will turn out o.k. ............

Looking at the final result I definitely should have gone with a darker kind of thread. Unfortunately,  now the text seems to disappear in the background. At least it turns out that it does its job very well. The dark green fabric at the back and the wadding I put inside make that it really doesn't let trough any light.

I made one for my friend as well. Soon she will become a mum. All the reason to rest extra during the day. Both, to enjoy the piece and quiet as long as it lasts, as to save energy to help the bay grow in her tummy right now.

Lets pray it will be many, many years before Marie her self becomes a mum! This, however, didn't stop her for trying the mask on, obviously..... 

To make these masks I used a boring black one of my own. I traced it on an old news paper to use as a pattern. For the inside and outside fabric I added 1,5cm for seem allowens. 
The wadding and the cross stitch linen I did cut the actual size. However, I gave the wadding a few hubs to be able to secure it without making it impossible to turn the mask inside out later in the process. 
I secured my linen on the back of the outer front fabric using fusible web. I wrote my text on the back of the linen. Which was not easy since it had to be done in the opposite direction to turn out correctly at the front.
Using an easy back stitch I traced my writing.
I covered a piece of elastic with fabric to be the strap.  The outer fabrics lying on top of each other with the nice sides touching, the wadding on top of the dark green fabric and the cross stitch linen on top of the flower fabric I sewed everything together. 
Leaving a big gap at the top and securing the elastic band and its cover between the different layers.  Now the only thing left was to turn the whole thing inside out, close the gap and press.

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