14 April 2013

Bib and burp cloth set.

Take one of your baby's bibs. Trace it on an old newspaper. You only need to trace half of the bib. The paper bib wil function as your sewing pattern.

Take two different kinds of fabric. Since the bib most probably will get wet in the future, it's advisable to use at least one well absorbing fabric.

Fold the fabric so it's double. Pin your pattern to the two layers of fabric. Make sure the side of your pattern that will be the middle of the bib later, is at the outskirt of the fabric. This is where the fabric turns over. Later, this gives you a full bib instead of only one half.
With a needle and some marking thread, mark the pattern onto the fabric.

Repeat the process with one of your baby's burp cloths.

Cautiously pull the folded fabric apart and cut the marking thread, but leave it as it is to mark the pattern.
Match the different pieces of fabric with each other. Make sure that the nice sides of the fabric face each other. Use the pieces of marking thread to make sure that the two different fabrics fit together perfectly.

Secure the fabrics with pins, and sew them together, following the marking thread. Make sure to leave an opening of about 5 cm, so by the end you can turn the fabrics inside-out. Cut the fabric that remains next to the seam.

For the burp cloth, you can leave the opening in one of the corners. Before you close this opening, you can put in a piece of ribbon, as in the picture below. You close the opening by sewing it shut.

Sew a popper on the back of the bib.

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