11 April 2013

Baby wrapper.

Take one large square of cotton, and one large square cut from a warmer and softer fabric (e.g. fleece).

Use a breakfast plate to help you to round the corners.
Place the two fabric squares on top of each other. Makes sure the right sides of the fabrics are facing each other.
Sew the two squares together. Be aware to leave one opening of about 20 cm long. Using this opening, turn the fabric inside out.

Neatly fold the opening and stitch as well.
Using your iron and a wet tea towel, press the fabric, especially at the seam.
Select one of the corners to turn into the cap. Measure 35 cm to the left and 35 cm to the right, 2 cm from outskirt. Sew this line. By doing this you'll create a little tunnel.

Make two  little openings at both sides, between the outskirt of your wrapper and your new seam. Do this only in the fleece (or another warm soft fabric).
Take 50 cm of elastic rope. Secure it at one opening with a pin. Pull the elastic rope through the little tunnel you created. Secure at both ends by sewing, while making sure the elastic is out of eyesight by closing the little opening you created.
Fold the other corners to the inside of the wrapper, starting with the one below. And your wrapper is wrapped up! 

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