12 June 2013

Bubble Pocket Shorts.

 Sewing along with the amazingly fun initiative, Flip This Pattern, of Frances Suzanne, I made this Bubble Pocket Shorts of which the pattern is created by the very talented Heidi from Elegance and Elephants.
How I wish all patterns came with such beautiful instructions!

Using one of my own old sweaters and some left over pieces of fabric, I went for  horsey themed shorts.

Although the nights are quite cold by now, the afternoons are still nicely warm. This comfy shorts is perfect for Marie to play in the garden.

Being a big horse lover myself, and having only just moved to Australia, the little cowgirl-touch seemed suitable.

Although, forcing my own fondness of horses on Marie this way, I secretly hope she never wants to start riding herself. 
Busy mastering her standing skills, there is a lot of falling involved. And watching her fall down from the height of her own tiny legs, breaks my heart already. No way I can stand seeing  her toppling of a horse some day. 


  1. These are lovely. And that hidden horse under the front panel is so great!

  2. The shorts are adorable!

  3. That sneaky, hidden horse.....NEAT! So glad you linked up and shared!!