17 June 2013

Bow Pockets Pants.

For Flip The Pattern organised by the sisters Ashley and Emily from FrancesSuzanne, I earlier made the Horsey Bubble Pocket Shorts.
However, this was more of a redecoration rather than a Flip of the pattern. Inspired by all the other contributors of this sew-along, I Came up with this real flip.

All I know about sewing, is what my mum told me a decade ago. Inspired to learn much, much more by all the amazing talented bloggers who contribute to the Flip The Pattern competition, I took up sewing classes.
Last Saturday I had my first class, and I learned so much already!

Eager to put to practice what I had learned, and happy to finally make something that looks nicely finished, I went to work. 
My lovely teacher, Debra, told me how to sew a French seam and sew a neat firm crotch. 
Happily sewing my French seams I didn't realize that with my lack of experience  I probably could have done with a bit more seam allowance. But I still managed  to squeeze Marie in! 
Does that firm crotch come in handy............

As you can see, I adjusted the length of the legs. The bubble pockets I replaced with bow pockets. 

Can't wait to practice my, yet to be learned sewing skills, on all the other patterns that will be featured every month at the Flip The Pattern sew-along!


  1. I love to work with french seams as well, but adjusting the seam allowance is still a little tricky for me. The pants are adorable. I love the little bows.

  2. Adorable pants! The white bows make a nice contrast on the sides :). As for 'flipping,' I think 'embellishing' can be considered a form of flipping!! We've left this contest pretty wide-open for interpretation on what a 'flip' entails.

  3. I'm not sure what is sweeter ... the bow pockets or the happy little grin!!