18 July 2013

When we moved we didn't bring any furniture. A lot of things that we are using now we bought second hand from Gumtree. Like our dining table and chairs. They looked nice enough, but since there is not much light in our kitchen I reckoned they would do more for the kitchen in white.
The whole dining set did only cost us 80$, so I couldn't do much damage anyway.  

We have these lovely tiles in the kitchen, which were a perfect match with a great fabric that had caught my eye the other day. 
I painted the dining set and made these cushions for the chairs. Adding piping to give them a nicely finished  look. 

For the padding I just cut up an  old garden chair cushion. And using an newspaper I traced the shape of the seat of the chairs to create my pattern. 
I don't have a special foot for piping with my sewing machine. However, that was not at all a problem. My sewing teacher gave me the good tip just to use my zipper foot. Which worked wonderfully well!

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